Faro advanced training

Dustin Forensics has 2 certified Faro trainers and has trained hundreds of Law Enforcement Personnel, Accident Reconstructionists and Engineering firms.
Regarding Law Enforcement.. We take great pride in sharing our technical abilities with the men and women that keep us, our families and communities safe. Our philosophy is not “one and done”… The students we train become our long term friends and associates. We maintain contact, send out updates on firmware and software releases. We never turn away an agency needing a helping hand with processing data. Our skills are top notch when it comes to CSI and accident reconstruction training as it relates to laser scanning.
Our advanced Faro training classes include our own training manual covering advanced topics (touch briefly on these during the initial training class, but cover them much more extensively in the advanced class).

Dustin Forensics training is presented in a very Law Enforcement friendly manner and it can be taken “up a notch” when required.

  • Cover of our manual
  • Setting the resolution
  • WebShare2Go
  • WS2G2

Advanced training topics include:

  • Advanced Registration – Registering complex scans
  • Creation of WebShare2Go – Embedding Images, Reports, Videos etc…
  • Merging scans – importing data from other projects
  • Admissibility – Trial Preparation
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis – Faro Forensic Plugin
  • Bullet Trajectories – Faro Forensic Plugin & Liscio-Dustin Bullet trajectory plugin
  • Advanced Scanning – Correcting Image Inclusion (incorrect image coloring)
  • Editing Color Overlay
  • Case File Assistance
  • Importing 3D objects

Training will be consist of 3, 8 hour days, but is often customized to the specific needs of the class.
Our training is completely customizable to the needs of the students or agency. Should the users require additional instruction in specific areas, the agenda will be altered accordingly.
A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the training.

Training can either be conducted at the clients location or regionally.