Bin Laden Compound

Bin Laden Hiding behind wife

A downloadable free-standing walk through simulation of the Bin Laden Compound.


The compound has been created from aerial images and the house from recently
released drawings.
The file is presented AS IS, with no warranty or guarantee implied.
Some computers will not be able to run this file if equipped with older video cards.
Most newer video cards will run the file. If your computer generates an error related to
“Pixel Shader 3.0″, it will not be able to run the file.
For best results, reboot your computer before running the file.

It is our intention to showcase the technology used to create this environment.
The uses are many, from training to re-enactment, in civil or criminal cases.

The file is presented in two versions One with an installer, will create a program directory
and an entry from the start button/all programs. while the second is simply the executable.

1. Download the file/method of your choice.
2. Scan the file with your Anti Virus Software.
3. Decompress the file.
4. Navigate to the files location and double click the .exe file to either run the file or install it.
5. Instructions are embedded in the file, as are alternative camera positions.

The file is quite large so allow time for it to load.
Feel free to comment as to additions, omissions or corrections.

NIGHT VERSION with Spot Lights (this is very realistic).
NEW–Revised with Night Vision
The Night version Installer file is located HERE.
The non-installer version is located HERE.