Boynton Beach Police Department

On behalf of the Boynton Beach Police Department we would like to thank
David Dustin for the recent training he conducted for myself and other members of the department. 

At first glance the Faro 3D system seemed fairly easy to use as we had previous demonstrations
conducted by Faro at our agency to show the scanners capabilities.
However once we soon began scanning and registering our 3D images some were intimidated
by software and the attention to detail it took to recreate the scenes.
David was well prepared with multiple manuals and visual aides that guided our team through
the process from start to finish. By the second day most of the members did not need assistance
thanks to his is hands on approach and structured course.
David went above and beyond for our members of the Crime Scene Unit and Traffic Homicide Unit
by aiding us in the recreation of an active criminal investigation with the Scene software.
During the week of the training, we had a serious bodily injury car accident that occurred after
the class had concluded for the day.
David volunteered on his own time to come out and give our members live training on how to
use the system in the field. We all felt that David went above and beyond ensuring our members
fully understood how to operate the system to its fullest potential. Our department plans on
attending the advanced Faro training in the near future with David and we want to thank him
again for going above and beyond
George Baldino,
Traffic Homicide Investigations
Boynton Beach Police Department.