Certified Faro Training

We take training very seriously here at Dustin Forensics. 
It’s our goal to instill the highest levels of confidence in our students, as well as equip them for a wide variety of scenarios.

Classes of students (mostly Law Enforcement) represent all manner of capabilities.
It’s our job to take those students through the material as well as assist on any call-outs that occur during training.

Our hands on training program will take you through all the steps required to Laser scan vehicles, crime scenes, crash scenes, OIS (officer involved shootings), active shooter preparation and many more.

We are two of a handful of Certified Faro Trainers in North America. In addition to covering the fundamentals, our training also focuses on many undocumented features in the Faro SCENE software such as combining laser scans (particularly helpful for vehicle wrecks), inserting 3D characters etc..

All students trained by Dustin Forensics will receive a copy of our indepth training manual.

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  • WebShare2Go
  • Setting the resolution
  • Cover of our manual
  • Scanning trajectory rods
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We have trained the US Army, NCIS as well as other Law Enforcement, Engineering and Accident Reconstruction Companies.

Topics covered in depth:
– General scanning techniques
– Targetless scanning techniques for CSI
– Targetless scanning for accident reconstruction
– Avoiding mistakes while scanning
– Extra precautions
– Scanning at different resolutions, pro’s and con’s
– Environmental scanning considerations|
– Trouble Shooting scans and registration
– Interior scanning
– Hand/reference measurements and their value in laser scanning
– Extended distance scanning
– Computing hardware, Operating Systems, RAM


We offer in-depth training for not only the Faro Scene software but are experts in the integration of pointclouds into the 3ds Max environment. Our 3ds Max training includes importation of simulation  data (HVE, PC-Crash etc.) to the Max scene.We also offer assistance with determining the best workflow for your particular pipeline.

Our staff has trained Federal Agents, Engineering Companies, Law Enforcement and Accident Reconstructionists.

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Small sampling of our trainees