Individual, advanced training testimonials

We think our students say it best…

Detective Joe Swenson #4415
Clark County Sheriff’s Office
Major Crimes Unit
Clark County, Washington

I recently had the opportunity to attend an advanced training class regarding the use of FARO’s Scene software.  This training was held in conjunction with the 2nd annual IAFSM conference in San Diego, CA on November 9, 2015.  There were a number of topics covered in the advanced training session which included merging Focus and Freestyle data, creating WebShare2Go data with documentation objects, blood stain pattern and bullet trajectory analysis via the FARO Forensic plug-in and inserting 3D characters into Scene.  Our instructors were David and Eric Dustin of Dustin Forensics.


I have been using a terrestrial laser scanner (FARO Focus 120) in my position as Crime Scene Investigator since we purchased it in December 2012.  In the last three years, I have had the opportunity to scan numerous crime scenes and felt pretty comfortable using the Scene software.  However, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge held by David and Eric as we progressed through the training.  Of the above-mentioned topics, the only one with which I had experience was creating WebShare 2Go data with documentation objects.  Throughout the training, I learned many new skills which I can apply to real life crime scene investigations and documentation.


I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the training and the knowledge of both David and Eric.  The training had been designed to be hands-on and was extremely practical and beneficial.  David presented the training in an easy-to-follow format and made sure no one was left behind if they encountered an occasional problem.  It was immediately clear during the training that David has a deep understanding and level of knowledge regarding the FARO scanners and the Scene software.  Having such a profound amount of knowledge made the training much more valuable as it wasn’t something just passed on to him from someone else; it was actually based on his personal experiences and intimate understanding of the products. 



I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that David and Eric are both standup guys who take pride in the services they provide and the people they train.  They sincerely wish to see their students excel and assist by making themselves available to answer questions when needed.  I can’t speak highly enough of Dustin Forensics and their team!

Criminalist Bryon O’Neil
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office
Clackamas, Oregon

I have been using the FARO X330 and Scene software on a daily basis for the last 21 months.
I have been to the initial training put on by FARO and I felt like I had a pretty good handle on everything that Scene could do.
I went into David Dustin’s Advanced Training not really expecting to learn much.
I was quickly proven wrong.  His training is fantastic.
He works at a pace that matches the class participants and everyone in my session learned a lot whether they were somewhat novice users or more advanced users.  I not only learned some new tips and techniques to speed up my current processes, I learned a couple of new features that I didn’t even know were possible in Scene.
David Dustin is a fantastic teacher who combines expertise with approachability.  I highly recommend this training for anyone who uses Scene.
It will greatly pay off in product quality. 

Officer David Cacioppo
Forensic Technician 
Park Ridge Police Department


I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide some feedback regarding the training I received. 

Our major crimes task force first obtained our Faro X330 scanner in June 2014. Our training took place in November of 2014.  We had on-site training with David and Eric Dustin for five days.  Both David and Eric were extremely knowledgeable about the scanner and the Scene software.  Although we felt a little overwhelmed with all the topics that we covered during our class, I realized after we were on our own we could handle just about any hiccup that we encountered (thanks to the training). 

David was also kind enough to suggest equipment during class that would help make our scanning and processing more efficient.  None of his suggestions benefited him, and did make our work a little easier.  This is just a small example of how much David cares about making sure you get the best training.

In November 2015, I had the opportunity to attend a one day advanced class with David and Eric at the International Association of Forensic & Security Metrology Conference held in San Diego, CA.  Advanced topics included merging scan data, placing 3D characters into Scene, using the bloodstain and bullet trajectory forensic plugins, and creating WebShare2GO data with inserted images/videos.

I found the advanced training very useful in enhancing my skills with the Scene software.  If you are looking for basic or advanced training for your new Faro scanner, contact David or Eric.  I have been very satisfied up to date with all the training they have provided.  They usually leave me wanting to learn more.  I am also impressed with how willing David and Eric are to continue helping with any questions or issues that come up after class.