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Rotatable (3d environment) for your iPhone and iPad (and 3d PDF’s for your PC)

FREE 3d content you can download to your iPad or iPhone (downloads are farther down the page). These instructions apply to Windows, although mac instructions should be roughly the same. There are also 3d PDF’s of the same scenes that can be run on a PC with the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat.
Step 1: With your Device CONNECTED to your computer, Open iTunes (if it doesn’t open automatically) and in the App Store, search for SimLab CAD Viewer for either the iPhone or iPad and download it (it’s FREE).
Step 2: Synchronize your iPhone/iPad to transfer the app to your Device.

Search iTunes for Simlab

Search iTunes for Simlab App

These are examples of downloadable files for your iPhone or iPaddownload choices for simlab app

Downloadable files

Download (and scan with your anti-virus software) any of the files listed below.
Mustang iPhone/iPad file here.
Shooting scene iPhone/iPad file here.
Charger iPhone/iPad file here.
Lumbar Spine iPhone/iPad file here.

Open the Mustang 3d PDF file in your Browser (not Safarihere.
Open the shooting scene 3d PDF file in your Browser (not Safarihere.
Open the Charger 3d PDF file in your Browser (not Safarihere.
Open the Lumbar Spine 3d PDF file in your Browser (not Safarihere.

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 Transferring the files to your iPhone or iPad

With your device CONNECTED, select it on the left side in iTunes.
Then click on the “Apps” tab at the top of the window.Graphical example of how to transfer files to iPhone or iPad

Select your device on the left

Scroll down to the “File Sharing” area and select “CAD Viewer” from the Apps list. second image for selection of files for transfer to app

Scroll down to the file sharing area

Open the directory you copied the files to, select them ALL and drag them into the “CAD Viewer Documents” area. Your device will automatically sync the files with iTunes and make them available on your device.Graphical example of dragging files

Drag files into the CAD Viewer

Open the “CAD Viewer” App on your device (icon looks like two gears) and you will be presented with a screen listing the files you have available to view.
Click the name of the file you installed.

App Image 1

After Clicking the name of the file you installed and you will see the loading splash screen. NOTE: You may need to close some Apps on your phone if you get a memory warning. This happens mainly on the 3Gs, and we have never seen it on the iPhone 4.

image showing the loading of the file

When the scene loads there are not any lights enabled. Click the Light Bulb icon at the top and choose your level of illumination from the pop-up icon menu. You can also change the background color, by clicking the Grey square icon.

Image indicating level of illumination

Once the App is loaded and you have your illumination adjusted, you can navigate the scene by these instructions:
Single Finger: Will rotate around the center of the Scene
Two Fingers: Will allow you to Pan around in the scene.
Two Fingers (or your thumbs): Place your thumbs on the screen and move them apart to zoom in.
Moving them together will Zoom out…
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image of 3d crime scene showing 2 men with one shooting at the other