Thank you for the opportunity to provide an opinion regarding the training I received. We first obtained our scanner in October 2013. At that time we were provided on-site training for three of my counterparts and myself. Although the trainer that was provided was extremely knowledgeable in the operation of the scanner he had little experience in the practical applications of the technology in a crime scene environment. And even less experience in the use of the trajectory and blood spatter plugins. As a result, many of our early applications of the scanner were exercises in frustration.

I first heard David Dustin present at a SPAR conference in Colorado Springs in April 2014. Overall, I found David to be extremely knowledgeable in the applications and use of point cloud data and specifically the inner workings of FARO scanners and the Scene software. I was impressed by his use of point cloud data in other programs, specifically Autodesk 3DS Max. To my knowledge, he was first in the field to implement the use of 3-D data to forensic applications. Although I am sure there were other pioneers in the field, I found David’s ability to leverage the power of this data and explain it in an understandable fashion to nonscientific law enforcement personnel second to none.

In January 2015, I had an opportunity to attend the FARO basic training taught by David and hosted by a neighboring law enforcement agency that had just purchased a scanner. Prior to the training I was of the opinion that I had a firm grasp of the use of the scanner and the Scene software. I quickly was educated on techniques that I never knew existed and applications that far surpassed my current use. David took the time to cater the training to the individual student to ensure that no one was left behind. I wish I would have had another week with him and am looking forward to an opportunity to attend his advanced training.
In closing, if you are law enforcement and are considering purchasing a Faro Focus 3-D scanner get your training from David! You will leave the training excited to use the technology, equipped with the knowledge to do so, and eager to gain additional skills in 3-D applications.

Investigator Brian J Wangler #00008
Larimer County Sheriff’s office
Fort Collins Colorado