Fixing videos in Faro’s WS2G 2.0

The problem with playing videos in Faro’s WS2G 2.0 is the browser used.
Make sure you save the videos in .mp4 format or they won’t play.
Chromium is a free, distributable browser with limited capabilities (used in WS2G 2.0).
In order to get videos to play in Chromium, they would need to be converted to mkv or webm..
That’s not too likely to happen any time soon with the Video Plugin.

The alternative is to use a portable version of Chrome that will allow the video to play.
We already know of the need to create a “Documents” folder to place images and videos.


Copy this file (alternative version or Chrome Portable) to your hard drive and unzip.

Copy this file (alternative batch file) to your hard drive and unzip.


Double-Click the new Start_WebShare_2Go_2.0.bat file to view normally